Coloring Pages

Do you love coloring? I do.


I loved coloring pages when I was a little girl, and I have recently started again because my kids usually color as one of their quiet time activities. My kids usually can sit still and color quietly on their own, so this gives me a chance to color too.

I strongly recommend coloring with your kids, like a family coloring time. Even though you may not be looking at each other or talking to each other, you are still doing something together, on the same table, at the same time. Not only does coloring help your child’s development, but it also has a ton of benefits for YOU too.


So why don’t you try incorporating some coloring into your Chinese studies too? To help you get started, I created these Chinese coloring pages. I hope you enjoy them!







Traditional Chinese     Simplified Chines     English ONLY


    English with Traditional Chinese                    English with Simplified Chinese


Click HERE to download



~~~More will come!!!~~~