Calendar Time: Chinese & English FREEBIES

Calendar time is one of our favorite section during “School Time”. My children take turns standing in front of the whiteboard and start to lead the way. As we sing, they dance and spin around. It helps everyone to have a great start in the morning.


What Supplies Do You Need?

These are the most basic supplies for you to start with:



What Next?

  • Download my Calendar Time File (It is just right below)
  • Print them out and cut them
  • Laminate each card
  • Put them into the Pocket Chart
  • Hang the pocket chart on the wall or where you prefer

That’s it!



I have created a set of printable in both Chinese and English for calendar time. Enjoy and start to make your Calendar Chart today!



These are the samples of the calendar time file you can download from below.




Months of the Year                                                       Days of the Week


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