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Welcome to the Fortune Cookie Mom’s Store. I’m so excited that I can share my dream and passion with you. One of my goals is to create high-quality Chinese printables that are easy to use but at a low cost for you. My hope is to create a way for you to access Chinese learning materials and books (pdf). All you need to do is simply download the digital pdf file and print it.  Sometimes, you may need to fold, cut, and laminate it into a book, but it isn’t anything too complicated.


– In addition to my products for sale, you can also find some FREE printables HERE.

– If you have any suggestions or requests for Chinese learning products that you want, feel free to email me at

[All of these are Digital Product, so you will  NOT receive a printed copy in the mail, nor are the materials refundable.]

– If you would like to know more, please see my Terms of Use.

– If you do not have an email account or for some reasons don’t want to make order here, you are more than welcome to buy it in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store (TPT) as well.


How to Receive Your Products:

After you paid for the product, you will receive an email with the link to download. Please remember to download and store the file as soon as possible because the link will expire after 90 days.

If you have difficulty downloading your files, feel free to contact at