Back-to-School Sale 2017

Did you have a good summer? I hope you had enough time to re-center, clean your house, spend time family and friends, and have fun! So are you ready for the coming school year? I'm excited to announce a huge Back-to-School SALE is HERE! Read more for the details on how you can save money and get what you want/need for the coming school year. (more…)

Chinese School Full Pack – printables & activities

It has been two weeks since I started homeschooling my kindergartner and preschooler this year and It has been great! I have changed things up a bit, so my children are learning a slightly new routine and are adjusting. The biggest change I made is alternating English and Chinese by week instead of by day. Switching the languages after one day was too often. I'm not sure how much they learned from just one day. However, I think it was a great approach for our first year of homeschooling. This year, I am raising the bar and switching languages after an entire week. The increased the amount of time in each language build better connections and meanings of the things that they learn during school time. (more…)

Tips for Preparing a Child for Chinese Immersion

Research has shown that there are many benefits to learning another language, and how it can boost children's ability to learn and grow. But helping children learn a foreign language, especially for parents who don't speak another language, may be  stressful and overwhelming. So what can parents do to prepare their kids for their 1st year in an immersion program? (more…)

Back-to-School Chinese Resources

I have been working on preparing BACK-TO-SCHOOL Chinese materials, resources, and Classroom Decorations for a while. I know there are not Chinese resources for teachers or homeschoolers out there. I hope these resources are helpful and beautify your classrooms/ homeschool rooms with Chinese decors. I'm glad I can finally post them for you. (more…)