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What are your favorite Christmas traditions or activities?Putting up a Christmas tree and exchanging gifts are highlights of the holidays.  We never had space for a big Christmas tree but I loved getting out our little plastic one, decorating it with too many ornaments and placing next to our tv. After everything was all set, the lights would be turn off and we would enjoy the soft glow of our Christmas tree as a family.  This is always the best moment and gives me the most incredible feeling during Christmas. The lights are a great symbol of hope and it always makes me happy to see them. Giving and receiving gifts is a fun way to express and show love for one another. I just love Christmas, there is so much love in the cold air...

Chinese Christmas Crafts and Activities Pack

Are you looking for Christmas activities in Chinese and English to help keep your kids occupied during the holidays? When I was living in the states, I struggled to find Christmas materials in Chinese. I wanted to read Christmas stories in Chinese with my children but was never able to find any books. But now, I'm lucky enough to have a local library literally a stone's throw away, now I can easily access Chinese books on every topic. As well, I have created Christmas printables and activities in Chinese & English. You can enjoy the holidays while making crafts and decorating your lovely home with a bit of Chinese mixed in too.  (more…)

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I hope everyone had a fun Thanksgiving with tons of food and loved one around. We did! We are so grateful even we are in Hong Kong, we were able to pull it off and to share with friends too. So after Thanksgiving, what next?Of course, go SHOPPING for Christmas and the New Year. If you are wanting to get some of the Chinese printables from Fortune Cookie Mom for a long time, it's the RIGHT time to shop and save some money. (more…)

The Jolliest Theme Pack ~ Christmas!

Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends signals the start of another amazing holiday ~ Christmas! CHRISTMAS is the jolliest, most magical, and amazing holiday. Even though I was never really exposed to any western Christmas traditions, growing up my family had our own. We would go to Victory Harbor, Hong Kong and walk around admiring millions of Christmas lights that adorned the city skyline. We also would take pictures and have our Christmas dinner at a nice restaurant. Besides spending time with family, shopping and parties with friends were a must. Then, after the fun, we would head back home to bury our heads in books again, because there was loads of homework to be finished, and tests to be prep for. This is how I spe...