A Look at My Bilingual Kindergarten Homeschooling Schedule

Friends of mine, my readers, and even some parents we meet at the local park are often very curious about my homeschooling life. 

"Why don't you let your kids to school?""Don't you want some time off on your own?""How could you possibly teach and take care of all your kids by yourself?""How do you plan lessons for both English and Chinese?""What do you do with your kids every day?""What do you use for curriculum?"


How to Utilize Classroom Labels to Facilitate Chinese Learning

I know teachers, parents and educators are enjoying their summer vacation, but you are probably already thinking about ideas and plans for next year.  Before the kids come back, decorating the classroom is one of the most important things to do. I wanted to decorate my home-school area with Chinese decorations, and Chinese classroom labels, but I couldn't find very many. So I have created a "Classroom Labels Jumbo Pack" {Chinese characters, with Pinyin, and with English} which contains over 100 pieces labels. (more…)

10 Essential Supplies to Build a Preschool Room

Our family, My Husband, three kids and I are living in a tiny  700 sqft apartment in Hong Kong. At first, I thought it would be impossible to home-school our kids for the sheer fact we just have NO SPACE to store things. I don't know how my Husband got me to agree with turning our living room and dining room into our homeschool. (more…)