Back-to-School Sale 2017

Did you have a good summer? I hope you had enough time to re-center, clean your house, spend time family and friends, and have fun! So are you ready for the coming school year? I'm excited to announce a huge Back-to-School SALE is HERE! Read more for the details on how you can save money and get what you want/need for the coming school year. (more…)

Limited Deal of Kickstarter Gold: Chineasy Tiles

It is a struggle to find great Chinese learning resources for your child!  And it is hard to know which ones are worth trying. It is even harder if you yourself don't speak Chinese or have very little Chinese background? But I finally find one, it is a well designed and fun product which aims to help kids learn Chinese - Chineasy.   I have reached out to the makers of Chineasy and have secured a special deal for my 6 of my readers, that's right ONLY 6!  This Limited Deal is the newest learning resource from Chineasy: Chineasy Tiles! This deal comes with bonuses, discounts, and worldwide shipping. Great Sign Me Up!   (more…)

2 “A Little Mandarin” Music CDs Giveaway {2 Winners}

A couple months ago, I had a wonderful opportunity to do a review for A Little Mandarin, A CD of Chinese children songs (Here is the review). Now, I'm excited to announce that we are having a GIVEAWAY! There will be 2 winners (one U.S. resident, and one non-U.S. resident). You will receive the prize straight from your mailbox. (more…)

Teach Chinese with Music {Product Review: A Little Mandarin}

Music is a very special gift for everyone. We have eyes to see, nose to smell, ears to hear, a mouth to sing, and a body to touch and feel. With through senses, we have been gifted a powerful second language, the language of music . As a pianist and a mother, I understand the power and benefit of music, having regular music class and singing nursery songs are included in my homeschooling schedule. As a language teacher, I believe learning languages through music is one of the best ways to learn languages, especially for children. So, today, I would like to introduce you to A Little Mandarin, a Chinese Children's Classics children's album. (more…)