My 5 Biggest Homeschooling Mistakes

Homeschooling is challenging for me. I don't mind sacrificing my personal time, working more, or being with my kids 24/7. However, the most challenging thing for me is ensuring my kids get the best education and learn what they need individually.From me? Just me? Really? That's a pretty overwhelming thought, and I guess that's why I made mistakes. I am sure I will keep making mistakes, but I think it's good to write my mistakes down for myself and others, so we can help each other learn from our mistakes and make fewer in the future. Hopefully, one day I will master it!Are you ready for my confessions?  (more…)

The Best Reward System for Multiple Young Children at Home

My mom always told me that giving birth is painful for only a day or two, but raising a child is a life-long responsibility that is filled with love, laughter, worries, and even pain. Isn't that true? This life-long responsibility includes parenting. Parenting is one of the most important keys for raising a child successfully. For the Chinese, parenting is very important in a family. We say that if a child didn't receive any parenting, it is the parents' fault. For me, I am always trying to find a good balance between parent-led and child-led parenting styles and methods to allow my children to choose right and wrong and to understand that consequences always follow. Today, I'm going to talk about my family’s reward s...

How to Teach Children to say “Thank You” with Heart

"Thank you", "bye", and "hi" probably are the first group of social words all parents teach their toddlers. Greetings and manners are very important in human society, in turn, it is important to teach our children not only to pronounce these correctly but also to use these phrases with sincerity. Today, a week before Thanksgiving, I would like to write about how to teach children to say "thank you" with heart.  (more…)