My 5 Biggest Homeschooling Mistakes

Homeschooling is challenging for me. I don't mind sacrificing my personal time, working more, or being with my kids 24/7. However, the most challenging thing for me is ensuring my kids get the best education and learn what they need individually. From me? Just me? Really? That's a pretty overwhelming thought, and I guess that's why I made mistakes. I am sure I will keep making mistakes, but I think it's good to write my mistakes down for myself and others, so we can help each other learn from our mistakes and make fewer in the future. Hopefully, one day I will master it! Are you ready for my confessions?   (more…)

A Look at My Bilingual Kindergarten Homeschooling Schedule

Friends of mine, my readers, and even some parents we meet at the local park are often very curious about my homeschooling life.  

"Why don't you let your kids to school?" "Don't you want some time off on your own?" "How could you possibly teach and take care of all your kids by yourself?" "How do you plan lessons for both English and Chinese?" "What do you do with your kids every day?" "What do you use for curriculum?"


Back-to-School Chinese Resources

I have been working on preparing BACK-TO-SCHOOL Chinese materials, resources, and Classroom Decorations for a while. I know there are not Chinese resources for teachers or homeschoolers out there. I hope these resources are helpful and beautify your classrooms/ homeschool rooms with Chinese decors. I'm glad I can finally post them for you. (more…)

Chinese Literature-Based Unit Studies for Kindergarteners

There are so many different methods and curriculum for us to choose. Which one is worth a try?   For me, I used the Letter of the Week and Theme-Based method during the past year of homeschooling. It went pretty well. We did crafts and painting, sang different songs, and learned math skills from Pre-K packs. I used The Measured Mom and This Reading Mama's resources for the letter of the week, and 3 Dinosaurs and Gift of Curiosity for the Theme/ Pre-K Packs. All of them, by far, have become my kids and my favorite resources. They made it easy for me, all I needed to do was pick the files, print it off and use it. They are super fun, simple, and educational.   So this year, I am interested in changing it up a little with...