My 5 Biggest Homeschooling Mistakes

Homeschooling is challenging for me. I don't mind sacrificing my personal time, working more, or being with my kids 24/7. However, the most challenging thing for me is ensuring my kids get the best education and learn what they need individually.From me? Just me? Really? That's a pretty overwhelming thought, and I guess that's why I made mistakes. I am sure I will keep making mistakes, but I think it's good to write my mistakes down for myself and others, so we can help each other learn from our mistakes and make fewer in the future. Hopefully, one day I will master it!Are you ready for my confessions?  (more…)

Let your Kids to learn Chinese at their Own Pace

As my oldest child is getting close to the age for officially attending school, lots of my friends and parents that I meet at the local park frequently ask me about what I am going to do about her schooling. When I tell them that I'm going to homeschool her until we move back to the U.S., they are shocked at and surprised by my decision. Again, homeschooling in Hong Kong is not a common method of education. Of course, they give me all the reasons that I should send my kids to school and tell me how much my kids need it, and how much easier it is to be a mother when kids go to school. As a newbie homeschooling mom with no homeschool experience before, living in an unfamiliar homeschooling country is very hard. No one understands...

Chinese: The Relationship Between Spoken and Written Form

In this post, I would like to address some of the most common questions that people ask me about why I make different language versions of my printables, what the difference between traditional and simplified Chinese is, and which versions can be used with Cantonese and Mandarin. Ultimately, everyone wants to know what they should study when learning Chinese.I am not a Chinese language expert, but I do know the basics, so I hope I can help you gain a basic understanding of the relationship between the different forms of Chinese and how they work. In the end, I hope you can figure out which one is the best for you and your family to learn right now.  (more…)

The Spookiest Chinese Theme Pack is Here ~ Halloween.

Growing up in Hong Kong, there wasn't much teaching or celebrating Halloween. I do remember the native English teachers trying to hold activities and performances during English class, but no one really got into or understood it. Nowadays in Hong Kong, celebrating Halloween has become popular, even in the kindergartens. Little kids dress up, eat tons of candy, and play games. It's great! For me, it is quite a challenge passing cultural things like this onto my own kids.I'm glad I lived in the U.S. for ten years, at least, I had a chance to see what Halloween was about. At the same time, having young kids around all day, watching silly movies, and pretending to be different supernatural creatures and characters with them helped me de...