How to Use Boom Cards for Homeschooling/ Learning Chinese

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Have you seen your child learn and remember 12 Chinese characters in under 15 minutes?


It was amazing! My five-year-old son was using boom cards to learn 12 Chinese characters about family. He recognized and remembered all 12 even though it was his first time seeing them. 

And the best part was he had fun! He was engaged and wanted more.

In this blog post, I’ll explain what Boom Learning is, how it can make distance learning less stressful and more fun.

I also cover how to get started using Boom Learning, and how it enhances learning Chinese.

It’s going to be exciting! Are you ready?

The post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you. If you make a purchase through a link. See the Disclosure for more details.


* Scroll down to the bottom to learn how to try it for FREE.

The need for distance learning resources continues to increase. I started looking for more tools and programs when I found Boom Cards. 

Boom Cards are a great way to enhance Chinese learning. Since I create Chinese printable anyway, it was a perfect fit. Boom Cards work great hand in hand with my Chinese printables.

First I tried a free deck to learn English myself after a few of my readers gave me this idea. 

And it was SO FUN! It’s pretty much playing an educational app or game but created by teachers and educators.

I immediately knew that it was going to be an excellent tool to teach Chinese.

Then, I created my first deck of 30 boom cards using clipart my artists created. I used different engaging functions and recorded audio when my kids were asleep.

It was shocking and surprising how effective it was for my children.

They played and learned the Chinese characters and pronunciation about family fast.

My five years old had never learned any Chinese characters yet. After playing with the boom cards in Cantonese twice, he remembered them all. All 12 Chinese characters in 15 minutes, and he has retained them ever since.

By using boom cards with other Chinese activities and printables children learn efficiently. Keep reading to discover what Boom Cards are and how they can benefit your child/student. 

What are boom cards?

The video you just watched is one of my I-SPY Boom cards: Christmas.

Boom Cards are sets of interactive, digital task cards students complete on a device like a computer, tablet, or phone.

They are:

  • VERY Engaging
  • VERY Interactive

They are great for introducing and reviewing new skills. Each card contains one problem for your child/student to solve.

Your child(ren)/student(s) can touch a picture, word, letter, or character and hear the pronunciation. They also can hear the instruction for each task card. It’s like having a teacher sitting next to them explaining how each task card works. Boom Cards allow them to work independently and at their own speed.

And they are self-checking! which allows them to immediately correct their answer if they get one wrong.

That’s exactly how my five-year-old learned 12 new Chinese characters ALL BY HIMSELF.

What Materials Do You Need to Use Boom Cards?

  • A device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer)
  • Internet connection
  • A FREE Boom Learning account





What are the benefits of using boom cards?

Tons of Features

There are amazing features like drag and drop, multiple-choice, fill in the blank, and audio/video. Children connect more to content and questions with Boom Cards than regular worksheets.

Use on Any Device

These self-checking, digital task cards work on any device, use them during road trips, waiting in lines, etc.

Instant Access to the Data of your child/student

Parents/ teachers love them too! You can assign Boom Cards to your child/student, since they are self-grading, you have less work. You also will get instant access to the data to see how your child/student performs.

Other Benefits of Using Boom Cards?

  • NO printing, laminating, or assembling in any way
  • Can be used over and over
  • Are great paperless practice option for your classroom or homeschool students

How do boom cards work?

Boom Card Decks are stored on the Boom Learning website.

You will need a FREE Boom Learning account to access them. You can also preview the first four cards of any paid Boom Card Decks as well.


Different Boom Learning Memberships 

You may sign up for the free account to start with or choose a paid membership.

Chinese Christmas songs and printable for families

Free Account 

As a homeschooling parent of four, the free account (Starter) was fine for me in the beginning.

It includes unlimited FastPlay. This means I can send out the link for my student(s)/child(ren) to play a game without an account.

But, I can only assign up to five people, and I DO NOT receive any data from my student(s)/child(ren).

Paid Memberships 

With other paid options, you would be able to see results and data of your student(s)/child(ren) from 50 – 200 slots. You can also use live monitoring as well.

I am using the Ultimate account to sell my Chinese Boom Cards.

How to use boom learning cards?

Where can I find Boom Cards?

You can find Boom Cards on the

The Boom Cards you purchase on the Boom Learning site will automatically be added to your Boom Card Library.

Once it is in your library, it will stay forever.

Here is my Boom Learning store. I’m going to keep creating more because they are awesome.

If you have any ideas of what content I should make, feel free to email me.



How Do I Find My Decks?

After logging into your account in the Boom Learning Site, click “Library” to see your Boom Decks.

Once you have several decks, I recommend you organize them into folders.

The system of creating several layers folder is great. You simply drag the deck title to the folders on the left.

How Do I Assign Boom Decks?

There are two types of links you can use to assign Boom Cards to your student(s)/ child(ren):

  • Fast Pins
  • Hyperplay links

Fast Pins

Fast pins expire after 14 days. There is no record of your student(s)/ child(ren) because it doesn’t require an account.

To find the Fast Pins:

  1. Go to Library
  2. Find the Boom cards that you want to assign
  3. Click the BLUE action button and select Fast Pin.
  4. Select Generate New Pin and copy the URL.
  5. Paste the URL and send it to your student(s)/ child(ren)


Hyperplay Links

Hyperplay links require the student(s)/ child(ren) to sign in, and you can see their progress and data.

Student(s)/ child(ren) need to be assigned to a class and have a username and password to log in and use the Hyperplay link.

It doesn’t expire.

To find the Hyperplay:

  1. Go to Library
  2. Find the Boom cards that you want to assign
  3. Click the BLUE action button and select Hyperplay Link.
  4. Copy and paste the URL and send it to your student(s)/ child(ren)


Here is a blog post with step-by-step of how to set it up, you may want to take a look as well.

How to purchase Boom Cards?

You can purchase Boom Cards straight from

Purchase from Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT)

When downloading a free or paid Boom Deck from Teachers Pay Teachers, you’ll receive a PDF of instructions and a link to the Boom Deck.

You simply click on the link to redeem your Boom Deck on the Boom Learning site.

But if you delete your account, you will lose all your decks.

Purchase from Boom Learning

Boom Learning uses points as currency. You first purchase a points pack and then purchase any Boom Decks.

Boom Points about 1 penny (U.S. dollar) per point, so 300 points = $3.00 and so forth.

The more points you buy, and the bigger discount you will receive.

Where can I access or download Boom?

One of the great things about Boom is that you and the students can use it on any device (e.g. computer at home, or on your i-pad and phone when you are outside…)


  • Access the computer version here
  • Download the Apple app here
  • Download the Android app here
  • Download the Kindle fire app here

If you have questions about how to redeem your boom card after purchase, click here to read the step-by-step instructions.


How does boom cards help you to teach Chinese?

There are lots of different ways to use Boom Cards to help teach Chinese in a classroom setting or at home.

I’m going to show you how to use Boom Cards in a kindergarten or early elementary Chinese classroom in the following ways.

Chinese Christmas songs and printable for families

As Whole Class Activity 

Boom Cards are a great tool and resource for a big group setting. Have access to an interactive whiteboard or computer with a projector? Then use Boom Cards as a warm-up activity, instruction, or even as an assessment.

Of course, you can use your home computer to teach your children in a homeschooling setting.

As Centers for Different Subjects

If you have access to multiple devices, set up a different subject on each device.

Boom Cards tracks students/children data and helps them make corrections right away. You can see what mistakes they make from the data and address them accordingly.

You don’t need extra storage for laminated cards or materials for each subject! Boom Cards are digital and they are all in your library on the Boom Learning website.

As Homework

By setting up an account in the Boom Learning site, you can assign different tasks and Boom Cards as homework. You have 5 spots even when using the free account.

There are no more paper worksheets to send home, and all the Boom Cards are self-check will save you tons of time. You can collect data after they completed each task and see their progress. Isn’t it amazing?

As a family 

I recommend parents who are trying to teach Chinese at home, to learn the Chinese language as a family. It is the best way. Your child will have more support knowing that they are not alone. You’ll bond more, and will form fun family activities and traditions.

For Example:

  • Completing Boom Cards together can be a weekly family game night/activity. They are especially great for parents who don’t speak the language. 
  • You can pair up or play individually. Complete each task by taking turns, using a timer, or just for fun.

As a Reward 

For my kids using Boom Cards is more like playing an educational video game. It has become a reward for our family. 

My Boom Cards:
English vs. Chinese versions

I know it’s a pain to find Chinese resources for your kids, especially to those who don’t it yourselves.

That’s why I created multiple versions, so both fluent and non-fluent parents can use it.

English Versions 

Only the certain vocabs or phrases that need to be taught, all the instructions are all in ENGLISH.

So the whole card is mixed with English and Chinese, but the English part is to help your child(ren)/ student(s) to understand Chinese without confusion.

And the best is your child(ren)/ student(s) can learn and complete the whole boom card all by themselves.

Isn’t it wonderful?

I have the following English versions:

  • English  ONLY
  • English, Traditional Chinese with Jyutping (for Cantonese learners)
  • English, Traditional Chinese with Pinyin
  • English, Simplified Chinese with Pinyin



Chinese Versions

All of my Chinese version boom cards are in 100% Chinese.

Yup, no English. It’s completely in either Cantonese or Mandarin.

So if your child(ren)/student(s) are not beginners, or you have been teaching Chinese to your kids and want something for supplement and fun, or you want a full immersion tool to teach your kids Chinese…

The Chinese versions are for you.

The available versions that are 100% Chinese are:

  • Traditional Chinese with Jyutping (for Cantonese learners)
  • Traditional Chinese with Pinyin
  • Simplified Chinese with Pinyin


Hear What others say about Using Boom card to teach Chinese 

“The boom card was very engaging for my children and the game help them to remember the Chinese vocabulary that I taught them.

They are asking is that more on a different theme.”


Mother of 5


Try Boom Cards for FREE

Have you tried any of the Boom Cards yet? If not, start with one of my free deck.

I have a free set of Chinese Numbers Game: 1-10 Boom Cards that you can try.

It is a perfect game to check our students’ understanding of the Chinese numbers 1-10.

Boom Cards: Chinese Numbers Game 1-10

Grab your Free Chinese Boom Card here

NOTE: You are going to download a pdf file ONLY, but not the actual boom card. All boom cards will always stay in your account of the site/ apps of boom learning.

Want to try the FREE version? Fill out the form below and sign up!

If you have already subscribed to my email list, you can find this freebie in the Chinese Resource Library.




I got even more boom cards here to help your kids learning Chinese. 

Click the image below to look into it.

These wonderful boom cards are perfect to introduce and go with my Chinese Theme Packs and other Chinese resources and printable.

You can easily mix and match with all those resources to make up your perfect curriculum and lesson plans.



Have you been using Boom Cards that have great experiences? 


I hope your family enjoys these amazing Chinese Boom Cards. Feel free to tag @fortunecookiemom on Facebook or Instagram, so my kids can share the fun with yours too.

Also, please leave a comment. Share with us your experience, ideas, suggestions, and even questions, I’d love to hear from you and help you.

how to use boom cards for homeschooling/ learning Chinese

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This is the second 5-Day Challenge that we have done with Fortune Cookie Mom. Both have been very beneficial to our family. I am a homeschool mom of three little kids. We are not Chinese and do not speak any Chinese. With the help of Fortune Cookie Mom, we are slowly learning! The challenges have given me fun activities to do at home with the kids. Each one has reignited my kid's interest in learning. It has been a fun experience for everybody!


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