Chinese New Year Pack (中文主題學習:中國新年)

This Chinese New Year pack is for age 3 to 6.
Of course, it also depends on the time that they spent in learning Chinese.
So this pack is for the beginner.

This FREE pack contains:

– Colorful Matching Game
– Handwriting Practice
– Fine Motor Skills
– Matching Activity
– Puzzles

This FREE pack has 4 versions:

– Traditional Chinese
– Simplified Chinese
– English with Traditional Chinese
– English with Simplified Chinese



FREE Chinese New Year Poster




If you are interested, this is a blog post I wrote to talk more about read with purposes in Chinese with amazing Chinese classroom schedule labels.

There are also 6 versions of the Vocab Poster: Both Chinese in characters only, both Chinese with Pinyin, and both Chinese with English.



Traditional Chinese                         Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese with Pinyin                        Simplified Chinese with Pinyin

English with Traditional Chinese                        English with Simplified Chinese



More Ideas! If you want to take a step further and study this topic at a deeper level, I have created a FULL Pack with 6 versions for you and your children. So you can receive more hands-on activities, some Chinese math problems, coloring pages and other goodies as well.

The FULL pack has 6 versions:
– Traditional Chinese
– Simplified Chinese
– Traditional Chinese with Pinyin
– Simplified Chinese with Pinyin
– English & Traditional Chinese
– English & Simplified Chinese