Frequently Asked Questions: Chinese learning


I want to start teaching Chinese to my kids at home, can you please share tips and resources that can help me?

First, I have combined all the tips and knowledge about how to start teaching Chinese at home into an online course, Introducing Chinese at Home.

If you are new and don’t know where to start, this course will be perfect for you. That’s the best for you to get results quickly. Click HERE to check it out. 

Here are some popular articles that will help you as well:

Frequently Asked Questions: Chinese Printable


What age is your Chinese printable for?

They are mainly for age 3-7, but some of the art & crafts, games, lesson plans can totally work for older kids.


What software do you use to create your printables?

I use Microsoft Publisher to make all of my printables. For my photos and clipart, my husband took all the photos and use Photoshop, I work with my friend who is an artist.  When the printable is ready to be uploaded to the blog, I convert the final version into a pdf file with Adobe Acrobat Pro.


Where do you find the clipart for printables?

I had a hard time finding good clipart, but now I get most of the clipart from my artist here you can get in my store. I also buy some clipart from TPT (Teacher Pay Teacher) or search for free clip-art online.


How do you make nine different language versions (Traditional & Simplified Chinese characters, jyutping, pinyin, zhuyin, and  English) for the printable?

First of all, I know how to type in Traditional Chinese on a computer.

Once I have the traditional characters, I use a Chinese character Converter to convert all the Traditional Chinese characters into Simplified Chinese, and I use a Pinyin Convertor and a Jyutping Convertor. I also use a Chinese font to create Zhuyin automatically when I type in Traditional Chinese.

Converting the characters is what makes the most time when creating printables, but I think it’s important to do it.



Having problems with downloading/ printing?

Go to my Printable FAQs page to find your solutions there.


Having Problems with Purchasing or Downloading Product(s)?

Go to My Shop FAQs page to find your solutions.



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