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Here is how the Fortune Cookie Mom can help =)


Why a Fortune Cookie?

Can you believe I have never eaten a fortune cookie anywhere in China? I ate my first fortune cookie in Hawaii! There is an interesting history of the invention of fortune cookies.

I chose “Fortune Cookie” as my blog’s name because I feel like a fortune cookie. I am a Chinese woman from Hong Kong, but I studied in the States for over 10 years. Now, I am raising children who are Chinese-Japanese-American. Plus, my Chinese first name means “sweet”, and I love fortune cookies!

I’m just like a fortune cookie because I have a unique background and experiences. Who knows what I will become in 10 years!


Before I started my Blog

Before I started my blog, I lived in the States for about 10 years studying and teaching Chinese. I graduated from Brigham Young University with a Linguistics major and minors in TESOL and Music. I am currently living in Hong Kong with my family. I am also a pianist, vocalist, and chorister.

Being a teacher has been my dream since kindergarten. Through teaching others, I believe I can really change the world. I think the best part of teaching is seeing how people can change and improve. I also love teaching because I am out-going and enjoy talking with other people.


sailing in the lights in HK

Photo credit: Hiroshi Foto for this amazing Hong Kong night view.


After my husband and I moved our family back to Hong Kong, we decided to homeschool our children, homeschooling was an extremely non-traditional and unfamiliar concept for me. I had never even heard of homeschooling before I studied in the States, so I wondered how I was going to homeschool my children alone in Hong Kong.

After weeks of researching and pinning about homeschooling, I finally had some ideas of what homeschooling is and its advantages for me and my children. I became quite excited that I would be able to share my knowledge and love of learning with my precious children. I was especially excited about teaching different subjects in both English and Chinese. I suddenly realized how blessed we were to be living in Hong Kong because my children got to practice Chinese with everyone.

I have been homeschooling my girls since September 2015, and it has been a blast! I get to give my children all of my attention during school time, and I get to spend my personal time to researching and designing different kinds of fun lessons and activities for them. Since starting, I have seen huge progress in my children as they have developed academically, physically, and emotionally. There have definitely been plenty of ups and downs, and there are still difficulties that I still need to overcome.


About this Blog

I am just a mother with a passion for teaching Chinese to my kids – that’s why I created this blog. I want to share my ideas, insights, and experiences about homeschooling young children in Chinese with you. Also, as a native from Hong Kong, I think it is important for me to share my insight into the differences between how I learned English and Chinese.


On this Blog You will find:

  • Tips for teaching Chinese at home
  • Beautiful and practical Chinese printables for young kids
  • Fun games, crafts, activities, and other educational resources


You won’t find:

  • Advanced language learner, professional or academic Chinese resources.
  • Any curriculum from any Chinese schools in the world.


By the way, please forgive my non-native English writing. I promise each of you that I will try my best to proofread and rewrite as much as possible. Very honestly, learning English is so HARD that I have spent almost my whole life to study it, but I am not even close to native-like still. Fortunately, I’m proud of who I am, and how I can use multiple languages. Thanks for your understanding and support =)


Things for You to Enjoy on this Blog


   chinese-vocab-books  chinese-mini-books

 chinese-prek-k-packs  chinese-literature-based-study


(Traditional Chinese & Simplified Chinese characters, and both Chinese with Pinyin, and both Chinese with English)




(Homeschooling planning tools, planners, other printables, art & crafts …)





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8 thoughts on “About Me 作者介紹

  1. It’s a bless to have found your website! I have been searching for a long time resources in traditional Chinese to teach my kids Cantonese. I am multilingual. I want my kids to grasp a strong foundation in Cantonese – Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. I am also a Linguistic major. I need chinese books to encourage my kids to speak the minority language. They understand it, but reply to me in English. I am going to make the minority’s language a need by asking them to repeat after me what they should say! Thanks!😍

    If I have question about any of the items in your site, I will send u a message.

    1. Hi Caroline, thanks for your kind words and comment. I’m so glad to connect with you since we have a lot of things in common. YEAH!! If you have any ideas or suggestions, free feel to email or message me.

  2. Thanks so much for your resources! I lived in China 10 years and taught ESL, and while there learned Chinese. Your resources will come in handy while I am trying to teach my children Chinese. We are using TPR currently (Total Physical Response). Thanks for a valuable resource!

    1. That’s awesome that you are teaching Chinese to your children. Good for you. I love using TPR as way, and I know kids love this method for learning.

  3. It is fantastic, very nice resource and information for children learning Chinese. Thank you very much for all your efforts.

  4. I just wanted to say thank you for this blog. My husband, a Chinese national, myself, and our three boys are moving to Canada (from China) and my number one concern is that my boys will lose their ability to speak, read, and write Mandarin, espcially as they are still young. Like you, I am also a Linguistics major, and I know that raising a bilingual child is no easy feat and takes concentrated effort but the information and resources you provide through your blog is amazing and I wanted to let you know. Thank you!

    1. Helen, Thanks so much for letting me know. And I’m glad someone knows and understands my feeling as well. That feels great. Let me know if you have any other ideas as well, sometimes I will have “no idea” stage. HAAAA… Anyways, thanks again for your support and kind words. I will keep working hard.

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