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About Me

Po Tim King is a homeschooling mother with four children. She is a former Cantonese and Mandarin teacher, and a private piano teacher, who graduated in Linguistic. Since she is raising multilingual kids, she started creating her own Chinese homeschooling materials and shared them through her blog —  Fortune Cookie Mom.

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What Parents Are Saying

I would say Fortune Cookie Mom is the pioneer of theme-based Chinese Learning packs for young children. I have not found anything in the market which is similar and comparable with the ones Fortune Cookie Mom is offering. I love the options of choosing Traditional/Simplified Characters, along with many pinyin and English. I have been using them to teach all the Chinese festivals to my little one and his friends. It’s very helpful for families living outside of Chinese Language environment who are teaching their children Chinese, because the materials are all downloadable, it’s very affordable, and the themes have covered most of the topics that preschoolers need to know. Thank you Fortune Cookie Mom for spending your time and effort to make these wonderful Chinese Learning packs.


Owner, Cantonese Mommy

I cannot overemphasize what a great find Fortune Cookie Mom’s packets are. They’re perfect for busy Chinese teachers and parents to help teach specific vocabulary, holidays, seasons, and Chinese culture. Her graphics are adorable. She has SO many activities. She provides them in 8 language combinations. The activity packs are appropriate for multiple age levels. The activities work well even without a color printer. There is a handy Table of Contents so you have an easy reference for when you’re printing individual activities instead of the whole entire book. Plus, there is a suggested age range for each activity. Her packets are a steal for the amount of value you get out of them.


Owner, Mandarin Mama

Just wanted to share our experience doing Fortune Cookie Mom’s 5 Day Motivational Challenge and I feel it came at just the right time. I had been thinking for a while how to increase our Mandarin learning time and the challenge was a great kick start. Everything was laid out for us and Po Tim King has a variety of activities and worksheets available. I am especially grateful to have access to both traditional characters and pinyin which can be difficult to find elsewhere. My children loved the challenge and would anticipate every day by asking “What will we be doing tomorrow?” They especially loved playing Chinese restaurant and really got into it. The board game and minute-to-win-it competition were a great change of pace for our family. I am also pleasantly surprised at the seriousness in which my children took in self-evaluation and goal-setting. Now we are ready to celebrate the New Year and our studies in the future. Thank you for the fun and I can’t wait to see what else Fortune Cookie Mom comes up with!


Homeschooling Mom of Two

身为职业妈妈的我,常常牺牲睡眠来自作教材。版主全方位学习的新年教材真让我省下不少宝贵的时间找资料。四岁的女儿对中文学习有点抗拒。我们善用版主提供的迷你故事书和生字卡来增强她对语文的认识。版主的中文单词棋盘游戏更让女儿投入学习, 因为她想赢嘛!版主的教材可让小孩边玩边学, 太棒了。



This is the second 5-Day Challenge that we have done with Fortune Cookie Mom. Both have been very beneficial to our family. I am a homeschool mom of three little kids. We are not Chinese and do not speak any Chinese. With the help of Fortune Cookie Mom, we are slowly learning! The challenges have given me fun activities to do at home with the kids. Each one has reignited my kid's interest in learning. It has been a fun experience for everybody!


Homeschooling Mom of Three

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