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These are for ages 2 to 7. They have some toddler, preschool and kindergarten activities in them. They are FREE to use. Please enjoy them!

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 summer-free-pack    preview-eng-free    family-prek-english-free-fortunecookiemom

 manner-prek-free-english-tchinese-cover    mid-autumn-review-free-eng-tchinese   halloween-free-pack-eng-tchinese-cover

 christmas-pack-cover-free-eng-tchinese    chinese-new-year-free-pack    spring-free-theme-pack

  easter-free-packs    dragon-boat-festival-free-pack    body-theme-pack


Don’t forget to get your FREE copies of Chinese Limited Vocab Book and Mini-book to go along with the Theme Pack.




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2 thoughts on “Theme: Pre-K/Kindergarten Packs 主題

  1. hi po tim, my name is caitlyn from hk, i’ve been following your blog and website for a while. I know your site through Emily Pun. I graduated from BYU as well, probably a few years before you. I married to a non chinese speaker and have 2 young kids. Struggling how to teach my kids cantonese, your site has given me some ease and courage.

    just want to say a thank you, keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Caitlyn, thanks for your comment. I’m glad that we both have a common friend, it is awesome. I’m glad to know you find my blog useful. Thanks so much for letting me know. Add oil and keep up the good work! You are not alone.

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