Easy Chinese New Year’s Rounded Lanterns to Make with your Kids

Hanging up lanterns is a common decoration you will find during Chinese New Year. Traditionally, Chinese people hang lanterns and other decorations a few weeks before the first day of the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival). The day after New Year ends (15th day) is known as the Lantern Festival, and on this day all of the decorations are taken down because the Chinese New Year is officially finished for the year.The Chinese believe that a great start and end of Chinese New Year will bless you throughout the entire year, so let’s embrace this wonderful cultural blessing, and learn how to make our own lanterns. (more…)

The Best Chinese New Year Traditions and Activities to Do with Your Kids

Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) is the most important traditional festival for the Chinese. This is also an essential festival for families and friends to get together to give blessings and fortune to each other. For me, it has always been my favorite holiday throughout my life. During the Chinese New Year, I usually have a longer holiday (besides the summer break), new clothes to wear, fun days traveling with my family, and tons of good food to eat.  I would also receive red packets and candies when I went to visit family and friends. Isn't this like another Christmas for kids? However, when I married and had two kids living in the United States, I found that keeping a traditional Chinese New Year at home was difficult wit...

Chinese Christmas Crafts and Activities Pack

Are you looking for Christmas activities in Chinese and English to help keep your kids occupied during the holidays? When I was living in the states, I struggled to find Christmas materials in Chinese. I wanted to read Christmas stories in Chinese with my children but was never able to find any books. But now, I'm lucky enough to have a local library literally a stone's throw away, now I can easily access Chinese books on every topic. As well, I have created Christmas printables and activities in Chinese & English. You can enjoy the holidays while making crafts and decorating your lovely home with a bit of Chinese mixed in too.  (more…)

How to Rock your Chinese learning during Halloween

Even though Halloween is not a Chinese holiday, it has become more and more popular as an English event at school or fun event in the community. But have you wonder how to rock your Chinese learning during Halloween? (more…)