5 Best Chinese Christmas Crafts and Activities

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I can’t believe Christmas is almost here. Parents are often overwhelmed and stressed during Christmas. Trying to make it the best one yet for their kids.

I feel you. There are so many traditions and fun activities you can do, but it is impossible to do it all.

This is For families like us. For those who need to watch our budgets, and create low cost, low prep Christmas activities.

Today, I will show you the five best Christmas crafts and activities. All in ONE PLACE!

Christmas Activities’ Pack (English & Chinese).

The Christmas Activities Pack will prepare your children for learning about Christmas. It does so through five Christmas crafts. Simply gather the materials, print the printables, and your December is ready to go.

Sounds like a plan to me! Let’s keep reading!

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Chinese Resources to Teach about Christmas 

Besides teaching with the: 

Adding some hands-on activities and crafts is important for kids.

These develop a child’s fine motor skills, creativity, and other skills. It also helps cement learning the Chinese language.

That’s the reason for the creation of the Christmas Activities Pack for kids.

Let’s see what’s inside the Christmas Activities Pack.


What’s inside the Christmas Activities’ Pack

Christmas activities pack

Decorations and gift-giving is an essential part of the holiday spirit.

The following five Christmas crafts will help create that spirit. They will also create Chinese learning opportunities.

5 Chinese Christmas Crafts and Activities are:

  • Decorate a Christmas Wreath 聖誕花圈大製作/ 圣诞花圈大制作 (shèng dàn huā quān dà zhì zùo)
  • DIY Christmas Lights 聖誕燈飾掛滿屋/ 圣诞灯饰挂满屋 (shèng dàn dēng shì guà mǎn wū)
  • Dear Santa Letters 致聖誕老人的信/ 致圣诞老人的信 (zhì shèng dàn lǎo rén de xìn)
  • Christmas Coloring Pages 填顏色/ 填颜色 (tián yán sè)
  • Writing Christmas Cards 聖誕愛心卡/ 圣诞爱心卡shèng dàn ài xīn kǎ)


Each activity has different levels to choose from, so children ages 2 to 7 or 8 years old can do it all together.

All seven language versions are included.

Whether you’re teaching kids Mandarin, Cantonese, or English, this is perfect for you.  

What materials do you need?

Most of the materials you probably already have at home. They are:

  • Construction paper – Christmas Colors 硬卡紙/ 硬卡纸 (yìng kǎ zhǐ)
  • Printer paper A4紙/ A4纸 (a4 zhǐ)
  • Printer 打印機/ 打印机 (dǎ yìn jī)
  • Scissors 剪刀 (jiǎn dāo)
  • Glue/tape 膠水/ 膠帶 (jiāo shǔi/ jiāo dài)
  • Markers 馬克筆/ 馬克笔 (mǎ kè bǐ)
  • Coloring pencils 彩色鉛筆/ 彩色铅笔 (cǎi sè qiān bǐ)
  • Stickers 貼紙/ 贴纸 (optional) (tiē zhǐ)
  • Glitter glue 金粉筆/ 金粉笔(optional) (jīn fěn bǐ)

That’s it!


5 Best Chinese Christmas Crafts and Activities

Decorate a Christmas Wreath

Wreaths are in many homes during Christmas. They are a must-have decoration.  They are beautiful and bring the Christmas spirit!

So, let’s make some wreaths together.

1. Gather all the materials and print out the printables.

2. Color the wreath and cut it out

3. Decorate with pictures from the next two pages of the printable

4.Hang the wreath on the wall.


For younger kids, they can cut out the colored decoration page instead of coloring them all.

DIY Christmas Lights

Jesus Christ’s birth was the most significant day throughout history. It had a great impact on the world and has shaped humanity throughout the world.  

From the Bible, Jesus Christ said He is the light of the world who gives us all peace, joy, and hope.

That’s why one of the Christmas traditions is to put up lights in and outside the house.

This is what we do:

1. Gather all the materials and printables

other-holidays -activities-packs

2. Color the light bulbs and trace the words. And then cut the light bulbs out.

3. Cut some strips from the green construction papers, and make chains.

4. Use papers, strings, or ribbon to hang them up.



Isn’t it beautiful? The wreath and the lights together? What will add to this scene?

Dear Santa Letters 

whether your kids believe Santa is real or not, writing Santa letters is a great tradition. It is a chance for your kids to review their past year and show you what their dream gifts are.

There are ways to write an actual letter to Santa and even receive it.

If you are living in the United States, here will teach you how. If you are living in other countries, try to search the internet and find out how.

Samples (Traditional Chinese with Pinyin)

I have created three templates of the Santa letters. 

For younger kids or kids that love to draw instead of writing, use the first template. They can draw their Christmas wish and sign it with their names.

For younger kids who are learning to write, use the second template. They can trace and write a letter with your assistance.

For older kids, use the last template and write everything that they want to tell Santa.


Christmas Coloring Pages

There are 7 Christmas coloring pages included in the Christmas Activities Pack.

They are not just beautiful and have Chinese characters/English alphabet to trace.

You will find:

  • Santa Claus
  • Santa’s Sleigh
  • Elf
  • Christmas Dinner (my kids favorite)
  • Christmas Tree
  • Christmas Cookies
  • Christmas Gifts



Writing Christmas Cards 

Last but not least, is pretty much the only Christmas tradition I had growing up in Hong Kong. Write Christmas cards and deliver them to friends and family.

Writing Christmas cards is huge. Now digital Christmas cards make it easy and more people are choosing to not print them. So, there aren’t as many opportunities to receive a Christmas card. 

Let’s change that. It’s an excellent opportunity for kids to practice writing. They can write and deliver Christmas cards to their families, friends, and neighbors.

I have created 6 different Christmas card designs on 3 different levels.

  • 1st level (age 3+): practice writing their’s and others’ names.
  • 2nd level (age 4+): practice writing names and “Merry Christmas”.
  • 3rd level (age 6+): a blank card to write anything they want 

See How My kids did

Have you tried any of these five Christmas Crafts & Activities? 

Feel free to share your below in the comment section, so my family can hear from you too.

Use the hashtag #fortunecookiemom or tag me @fortunecookiemom on Instagram and Facebook. We can celebrate together.

More Christmas Resources/ Printable 

If you want to dig a little deeper and want other Chinese printables & resources to teach your kids look here:

Christmas Chinese theme packs
Christmas Chinese children books

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This is the second 5-Day Challenge that we have done with Fortune Cookie Mom. Both have been very beneficial to our family. I am a homeschool mom of three little kids. We are not Chinese and do not speak any Chinese. With the help of Fortune Cookie Mom, we are slowly learning! The challenges have given me fun activities to do at home with the kids. Each one has reignited my kid's interest in learning. It has been a fun experience for everybody!


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