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Thanksgiving (感恩節/感恩节/gǎn ēn jié)  is approaching.

Even though it is not a Chinese holiday, I love that it is a time for us to count our blessings and express gratitude.

It is an excellent opportunity to teach our kids about gratitude and how to say it in Chinese.

I’d like to share one of my favorite FREE printable with you, so your kids can express their gratitude while learning Chinese as well.

I hope you and your kids will enjoy it.


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We are fortunate to live in this modern day. We are all enjoying the convenience that comes from technology.

Many of us shop online in your PJs at home, we can see and talk to anyone in the world right away with our cell phone, we learn and help people even at a long distance.

Do you realize our children have a hard time finding things to be grateful for?

I do.

Every night before bedtime, we have our reading time and scripture. Before saying the prayer, we take turns to say one thing that we are grateful for.

Our kids often don’t know what to say.

A lot of time is because their day is full of different activities and events that they forgot most of them. Also, they don’t realize what things should be grateful for.



How do you teach kids to be grateful?

About My Thankful Book

Today, I’m going to share a free booklet, “My Thankful Book” (我的感恩小書/我的感恩小书/ wǒ dí gǎn ēn xiǎo shū) with you.

I hope through working on this simple book, our children will realize who they can say thanks to and what they can feel grateful for in their daily life.

About My Thankful Book

Today, I’m going to share a free booklet, “My Thankful Book” (我的感恩小書/我的感恩小书) with you.

I hope through working on this simple book, our children will realize who they can say thanks to and what they can feel grateful for in their daily life.

Kids can read, color, and trace while talking about the things that we are thankful for.

The layout of My Thankful Book

  • Nine language versions for your child to learn Mandarin/ Cantonese/ English
  • Two levels to choose from in each language version
  • Ten pages of beautiful black and white pictures for coloring and Chinese/English characters to write


Content of My Thankful Book

My Thankful Book contains ten pages of things that we are grateful for in our daily life, and also a cover page.

 You will find these sentences in the booklet:

Nine language versions are created:

  • Traditional Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese with Jyutping (for Cantonese learners)
  • Traditional Chinese with Pinyin
  • Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese with Pinyin
  • English with Traditional Chinese
  • English with Simplified Chinese
  • English Only

How to Make My Thankful Book

To make My Thankful Book (我的感恩小書), follow these simple steps:


  1. Download and print the language version and level you want.
  1. Cut along the lines and put the pages in order.
  1. Staples the left side of the book. Done!




Activities that Go With My ThankFuL Book

For younger children (Age 2-5)

  • Prepare & ensemble the booklet for them ahead
  • Tell your child that we are going to look at something that we feel grateful for in the book together, and then let your child pick their favorite ones
  • Ask your child to color with you. While you are coloring, talk about the page and why is your child feeling grateful about those objects/people?
  • Younger children may not have the patient to finish the whole booklet, so only pick one or two pages to do every day.
  • Practice saying “thank you/ 謝謝” to the objects that you finished each day
  • After the whole book is done, put this book in your home library.

For Older Children (age 6+)

  •  Prepare & ensemble the booklet TOGETHER
  • Read the whole book together, and then color and trace the words together
  • While working on the booklet, ask and have a discussion of the objects or people. See why does your child feeling grateful for it.
  • Share stories and experiences from your childhood of things and people that you feel grateful for.
  • Make plans to say thanks to those people and do it together. (For example: make a thankful card, call/send messages to say thank you, journalling, bake some cookies and send it to them, and any kind of services.)
  • Talk about how through serving others, we gain true happiness.
  • If you have multiple children, ask the older kids to serve and help the younger one finishing this booklet.

How do you teach gratitude to your child?


What other activities you would like to add to our list above?

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This is the second 5-Day Challenge that we have done with Fortune Cookie Mom. Both have been very beneficial to our family. I am a homeschool mom of three little kids. We are not Chinese and do not speak any Chinese. With the help of Fortune Cookie Mom, we are slowly learning! The challenges have given me fun activities to do at home with the kids. Each one has reignited my kid's interest in learning. It has been a fun experience for everybody!


Homeschooling Mom of Three


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